Ocean blue

Do you find your remedy in something as strange and beautiful as photography? Can't lie, and say i know everything, that i can already put a "professional" label on my work. But i think that as an amateur, i do pretty decent shots. There is plenty more to learn. From the right angle, specification i should use in manual mode, to editing, lots. But i am really excited to perfect my skills. 

For now i find really beautiful models that are willing to bare with me, and not kill me while i'm taking pictures of them. So far so good. I'm still alive and they have, if i may say so, pretty good shots.  

This beauty, her name is Aleksandra. I have never seen such pretty blue eyes. I love how ocean blue they are. Maybe not as vivid in pictures, but she is just such beauty. Amazing working with a person that isn't afraid to give suggestion and listen to what i have to say. Good communication always wins!

I'm probably gonna share more photoshots these few days. I have been kinda "busy" with them. Lovely!

Until next post,
xoxo, Beato ♥

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