Lately, these past few months, i have seen choker literally flying around the runways. 
Yet another huge come-back from the 90s. 

In a way it kinda makes me happy. Chokers have proven themselves as one of those edgy, but also cute, pieces. They can make your outfit complete without you trying too hard. And if made correctly, they can be one the most comfortable necklaces you'll ever own. 

I am very pleased when somebody makes a clothing item, whether it's a shirt or just nice pair of boots, that every fashion style (group) can use. I have seen chokers on girls who like to start their day with a fresh dose of baby pink in the morning like they are reliving "mean girls". I have also seen them on girls who are simply slaying it as goths. Plus, seeing a woman that's just rocking a really nice leather jacket with leather choker also puts a bright smile on my face. 

Like everything that goes viral, i like how this hasn't been overused by one social group of people. People have tried to incorporate it in every way possible. Yet, i still have this feeling we haven't seen it all. Like there is lots more to come. 2017 might be really bright for people who are trying to be themselves, but still being trendy in their own unique way, if you ask me. 
No matter the fact that this 2017 sounds promising, with 2016 being a bit sad, i think we all should never stop dressing the way we feel most comfortable with.

Not gonna lie i wouldn't be sad if i heard you are not that thrilled with chokers, but if they don't make you go crazy or bananas about them, stick to your basics, as colorful or monocolor(ful) as they are. 

This has also been a little project of mine and Tamara's, this beautiful girl you see in pictures. 
We wanted to bring the 90s completely. If you're sensing that grungy vibe, then we have done one hell of a good job. 

All pictures were taken and edited by me. And i gotta say i'm really proud with how they turned out. You can see more of pictures and variety of chokers if you go to SKVO
I'm sure you'll find something you like for yourself or as a present for someone.

Coat-fake fur: Thrifted 
Red dress: Thrifted
Chokers: SKVO

Until next post,
xoxo, Beato ♥

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