Lately i have been really thinking about the things i am obligated to do, and those little things that i do just for myself, my own comfort. And let me tell you, it's not easy to mix them together. That can be one of the reasons why i am postponing this blog. All this time, with such passion to write and share my thoughts, i forgot that i should actually sit down and indeed put them into words. So, to apologize to anyone that actually even reads this little blog, or rather called journal of mine, i am back with somewhat "fashion" related post.

I think it's safe to say that black is THE color in my closet, being the majority of my wardrobe honestly. Can't explain why black gives such comfort. Yea, sure, i have other pieces that may be the complete 180, but other than the little bit of white, grey and somewhat red i have, seems like i'm not really good with that hippie vibe. Not trying to make it like an epileptic attack, but still combining more than two colors is not something i have found myself doing the past two to three years now.

Also, i don't want to make it seem as if i have more fashion sense than people who do that, but i like to stay as minimal as i can. Not being that girl who does her make up every day for an hour, or trying to look as polish as she can, i'm choosing effortless fashion. It takes me almost no effort to wear something i feel like i'm slayin' in.
Plus, with all this life chaos that i'm dealing every day, i don't have that amount of time to spare to look elegant. Sporty chic should be the right way to describe me. I mean, ffs i wear sports bra majority of my time. That should be enough to let you know that comfort is the key to my clothes, and actually my lifestyle.

Another thing that you'll notice is that most of my shirts have been worn probably before i was even born. Vintage, way of living i guess.

Shirt: Vintage Levi's / dads
Bird brooches: dads
Pants: H&M
Shoes: C&A
Clutch: Lindex

Until next post,
xoxo, Beato ♥

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