Last sunshine to catch

Well-known fact is that people feel happier when it's sunny outside. Summer or winter, it doesn't matter. Though, it's quite grey now, and coats are starting to be our first thing to grab when we go outside. And i still can't get over the fact that a week and half ago i went out like this. Just plain white shirt with black pants. It was probably 20°C+ that day, cause i remember wanting to dive in Sava river. Plus, don't even remember the last time i went out on Sunday evening with a friend and just enjoyed myself and life in general. It was probably one of those days i want to write about for a while now. "You know that day when i said i had such a great time...", yea that would be it!

With this theme, i wanted to do the last "summery" otd. Probably cause i feel lazy to carry my camera around wherever i go. But chill, there will be pictures to post. Has to be, cause i love my coat and pieces i combine it with.
Wherever i go i can't live without the simplicity. I have found myself not buying as much clothes as i used to. What ends up in my wardrobe is usually versatile. I love how white shirts can be used for elegant and casual outfits. Same goes for black pants. But to combine both of them? Amazing! And most importantly, what i look for, it's comfortable. I can't walk around in skinny jeans if they ain't stretchy or a bit comfy, or any clothing item to be honest. To function, i have to wear something i can stay the whole day in, look and feel great.

Plus, i really hope you find that violins key as amazing and gorgeous as i do. It was a birthday present from a friend i spend that wonderful day with. If you are reading this, thank you again love!
So that's pretty much it. Where i bought these clothes shouldn't matter. They can be found in any store. So explore a bit, find what you like the most. And keep in mind that you should always but what you find interesting and pretty. To look great you have to feel great, simple right?

Until next time, explore your fashion-self and enjoy your coats,
xoxo, Beato ♥

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