Shine black

Black shirt: C&A
White shirt: Shana
Sports bra: New Yorker
Jeans: C&A
Shoes: Deichmann
Jacket: Best
Bag: Emily the Strange
Sunnies: no brand

My last post was enough to show how much i crave sun. And it made me beyond happy, a day after i did my last post, it was so bright and warm. I was able, maybe, for the last time to take my leather jacket out of the closet and rock it once again. 
As previously said, here is simplicity at it's finest. It may seem like i only have black and white in my closet (which is not far from the truth) but i enjoy wearing it. It makes me stand out and blend with people in the same time. Hard to explain even though it feels right. I feel like myself when i am being as simple as i can be. Having simple peaces means i can play with them. Little kid inside me enjoys playing, and may the fashion be my toy.

One thing i like about this outfit is that red bag. I like color-blocking pieces that stand out. It gives you some kind of warmth when you are like me, who is always going for blank canvas eager to create beautiful art. It's like putting your signature on the painting. Makes it your own. 

Deeply wishing that this wasn't my last opportunity to wear something as light as i did. Wishing i won't have to put my autumn jackets away yet. But mainly i'm hoping weather will be kind enough to my hair which has a huge tendency to tangle and curl when it's humid outside. 

Until next post, stay positive and creative,
xoxo, Beato♥

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