The new beginnig

I know that few people know about my blog. Some of them have been reading my posts from the very beginning and some of them joined later. But what really amazes me is that, 2 years have passed since i wrote my "last" post, even though i wasn't that active then. I guess i needed some time to think and gather thoughts about what was going around me. A lot has happened and many things have changed. For example i finished high school, and i'm a freshman now. 
Mainly i think about the world differently. My lifestyle got better. I finally realized what was best for me and my body. Simply, growing up. But a thing i really missed was blogging. Even though i never had an audience to begin with, i simply had it cause it made me happy. Having my own personal diary where i could share with people where i've traveled and what i've bought, it was all part of it. If somebody asked me a year ago why i stopped, i would probably say i had no time to blog. But now, when i think about it, i lacked interest of what was happening to me. Being in a situation where i had to deal with myself first, i still do. But it's good that you realize you can't be lazy forever. So here it goes, my "first" post, my new beginning.

Hope i've kept it simple cause i do have a lot to say. Trust me, it's quite a story. Though, let's get back to what you should expect from me and my blog. Definitely outfits cause my passion for fashion grew, many pictures from my travelling, and i hope i will have the energy to talk about some serious topics from time to time. It's very important for me that people who read my blog understand that being open-minded really helps. 

Until that next post i prepared for you, the only thing that is left for me to say is stay positive. Think positively really, cause taking care of your mental health is far more important than pleasing others expectations. Knowing who you are and what you want will take you where you need to be, where you should be. And keeping positive people, friends, around will help you understand this even better. Cause it is true that you will shine once you're in peace with yourself. It's what you reflect that others see.

Until next post, 
xoxo, Beato ♥

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