Happy halloween!

In Serbia, this is not a holiday, and we don't celebrate like people who are christians, and that's ok. I still dress up and go as crazy and creepy as i can. Last year i drew a crack on my face and this one i went a little darker. I can't define what i am atm. Maybe a wraith, who knows. 
Just go with the flow when doing halloween make up ♥

Products i've used:
  • Sephora eyeshadow palette (soft brown, brown-red, black)
  • Bourjois eyeliner
  • Golden rose mascara
  • NYX blue eye pencil
  • Aura eyebrow pencil #03

  • Essence concealer "soft nude" #03
  • Golden rose black eye pencil
  • essence long lasting black eye pencil
  • MAC lipstic "russian red"
  • Rimmel white eye pencil

The only thing that is left to say is: be creative and draw whatever you think of. 
It's not hard to be creative, it's hard to start the creativity. So don't be scared to be scary :) 

This will probably be one of those rare moments when i'll go with "The bigger the better!". Hey, it's halloween, you should always do the unthinkable. Be something/somebody else for a night. Why not, it can be fun. :3

Hopefully i won't be taken too serious when i go outside. Wish me luck!

Until next post,
xoxo, Beato ♥

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